About Ken Page

Born in Birmingham, England on 14 May 1928, Ken Page enjoyed friendships all over the world – many held him in high esteem throughout his long and distinguished career in the television industry, but at least as many admired his love of people, art, literature – and the music. Well-known to the patrons of the Montreal Bistro and Jazz Club as a man who never missed a featured piano master, Ken always sat at his favourite front table, eyes and ears focused with intense respect on the hands of that week's visiting artist.

Ken emigrated to Canada in the early 1950s to join the growing television business and in 1962 formed his own programme distribution company, Page One Limited which represented a coveted stable of CBS Television product. CBS eventually took over the company and in 1967 relocated Ken to Zurich to head-up the European operations for CBS Television and CBS News. Later he moved to London and Los Angeles, where he was responsible for both international and domestic television distribution activities, holding key positions at Columbia Pictures Television, Lorimar Productions and TVS Entertainment. Before moving back to Toronto in 1995 to establish a Canadian distribution office for Turner International, he served as a consultant for Canal Plus France.